Red Team Engagement: True Adversary Simulation

In an age where cyber threats are increasingly sophisticated and multifaceted, ensuring the comprehensive security of your organization is paramount. Our team specializes in a full-spectrum, real-life adversary emulation, encompassing every conceivable attack vector. This includes both the digital domain – like network penetration, application security, and system vulnerabilities – and the physical realm, involving attempts to breach physical security measures. Our red team engagement goes beyond standard penetration testing. We simulate real-world tactics used by advanced persistent threats (APTs), combining technical prowess with social engineering techniques. This involves not just phishing and pretexting but also more direct human interactions such as tailgating, baiting, and even vishing (voice phishing). Moreover, we examine your organization's resilience against physical security breaches, which can range from unauthorized access to secure areas, dumpster diving for sensitive information, to surveillance and reverse engineering of security systems. By closely emulating the techniques and strategies of actual adversaries, we provide an authentic test of your organization's defensive capabilities. Our comprehensive approach aims to identify and rectify vulnerabilities across all these vectors, providing a holistic view of your security posture. We offer actionable insights and tailored recommendations to enhance your defenses, ensuring that your organization is prepared to withstand both current and emerging cyber threats in an ever-evolving landscape. Partner with us to fortify your organization against the full spectrum of potential security breaches, both digital and physical, and safeguard your valuable assets from sophisticated and targeted cyber-attacks.

Why Red Team Testing is Essential

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Real-World Attack Simulation

Red team testing emulates sophisticated cyberattacks, providing a realistic assessment of how an organization's defenses would fare against actual threat actors, revealing vulnerabilities beyond what standard security tests can uncover.


Holistic Security Evaluation

This approach examines all aspects of security - digital, physical, and human - offering a comprehensive view of potential weaknesses and areas for improvement across the entire security infrastructure.


Incident Response Strengthening

Red team exercises rigorously test the organization's incident response procedures, improving readiness and response capabilities against real cyber threats, thereby enhancing overall security resilience.

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Security Awareness and Training

These exercises heighten security awareness among staff, helping to identify and rectify human vulnerabilities, and foster a stronger culture of security within the organization.

Tactics, Techniques and Procedures

In our specialized red team offering, we focus on an immersive cybersecurity approach that replicates the sophisticated strategies of real-world attackers. Our services are grounded in industry-leading standards, including NIST SP 800-115, OWASP, and the Penetration Testing Execution Standard (PTES), ensuring a comprehensive and realistic assessment of your security posture.

Tactics: The tactics of our red team exercises are the strategic backbone of our engagements. These high-level strategies outline the ‘why’ and ‘what’ of our operations, setting clear goals and objectives tailored to each engagement. For example, a tactic like ‘Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) Emulation’ involves simulating state-sponsored cyber attacks to test the resilience of your network against sustained, stealthy intrusions.

Techniques: Our red team exercises employ a wide array of sophisticated techniques that define the ‘how’ of achieving our tactical objectives. This includes employing advanced methods such as social engineering attacks (like spear-phishing and pretexting), exploiting network and application vulnerabilities, and conducting physical security breach attempts. Within each tactic, such as APT emulation, we might deploy techniques like custom malware creation, covert data exfiltration, and exploiting zero-day vulnerabilities.

Procedures: The procedures in our red team operations provide a detailed blueprint for executing each technique effectively and meticulously. These step-by-step processes ensure that our assessments are performed with precision and consistency. They guide our team through every aspect of the engagement, from initial reconnaissance and infiltration to maintaining a presence within your network and executing complex attack scenarios.

By combining these elements in our red team offering, we provide an authentic and rigorous test of your organization’s defenses, identifying vulnerabilities and offering actionable insights to enhance your security against sophisticated and evolving threats.

  • Exploiting network vulnerabilities.
  • SQL injection, cross-site scripting, and other web application attacks.
  • Brute force and password spraying attacks.
  • Bypassing firewalls and intrusion detection systems.
  • Malware deployment, including ransomware and spyware.
  • Man-in-the-Middle (MITM) attacks.
  • Utilizing backdoors and command & control channels.
  • Phishing and spear-phishing campaigns.
  • Vishing (voice phishing) and smishing (SMS phishing).
  • Pretexting and impersonation strategies.
  • Baiting with USB drops or enticing online links.
  • Tailgating and piggybacking into secure areas.
  • Lock picking and bypassing physical access controls.
  • Dumpster diving for sensitive information.
  • Surveillance and reconnaissance of physical facilities.
  • Cloning access badges or stealing keys.
  • Social engineering to gain physical access.
  • Insider threat emulation and data exfiltration.
  • Privilege escalation and lateral movement within networks.
  • Accessing sensitive data through compromised internal accounts.
  • Sabotage or disruption of internal systems.
  • Wi-Fi network exploitation and eavesdropping.
  • Bluetooth and NFC vulnerabilities exploitation.
  • Compromising network infrastructure devices.
  • Interception and alteration of network traffic.
  • Long-term operations mimicking state-sponsored actors.
  • Stealthy infiltration and maintaining persistent access.
  • Data harvesting and strategic intelligence gathering.
  • Using custom-developed tools and sophisticated malware.
  • Establishing persistence and covert channels.
  • Data exfiltration and encryption for ransom.
  • Network reconnaissance and mapping.
  • Erasing traces and anti-forensics.
  • Evading detection by security tools and teams.
  • Counteracting incident response measures.
  • Manipulating logs and evidence.

Enumerating information about the organization from public sources to understand potential attack vectors.

  • Exploiting misconfigurations in cloud services.
  • Accessing sensitive data in cloud storage.
  • Compromising virtual machines and containers.

Entire Suite of Offensive Security Services

penetration testing services

Internal Network Penetration Testing

Internal penetration testing assesses an organization's network and systems from within, simulating insider threats to identify vulnerabilities and enhance overall security.

cyber security assessments

External Network Penetration Testing

External penetration testing concentrates on evaluating an organization's outward-facing systems and digital footprint, emulating external threats to reveal weaknesses and enhance overall security defenses.

vulnerability scanning

Wireless Network Penetration Testing

Wireless penetration testing focuses on examining an organization's wireless networks and devices, replicating potential wireless threats to uncover vulnerabilities and strengthen overall security measures.


Web Application Penetration Testing

Our comprehensive service goes beyond the surface. We delve deep into your web applications, meticulously simulating attacks, and identifying vulnerabilities. By doing so, we ensure that your web apps are fortified against threats, enhancing your overall security posture.


Social Engineering

Our Social Engineering Services are designed to uncover and fortify the human vulnerabilities in your organization's cybersecurity framework.


Physical Security Assessments

A Physical Security Assessment thoroughly examines your organization's existing physical security measures to identify potential vulnerabilities and areas for enhancement.


Physical Penetration Testing

Physical Penetration Testing services rigorously evaluate the security of your physical premises against unauthorized access or breaches.


Red Team Operations

Red Team Operations offer a multi-layered, adversarial approach to test your organization’s defenses against sophisticated cyber and physical threats.

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