Internal Penetration Testing Services: Safeguard Your Network

In today's digital landscape, the security of your internal network is paramount. Cyber threats are constantly evolving, and to protect your organization, it's crucial to identify vulnerabilities before malicious actors do. Our Internal Penetration Testing services are designed to help you secure your network, safeguard your sensitive data, and maintain your customers' trust

Why Internal Penetration Testing is Essential

penetration testing services

Protect Your Valuable Data

Your organization holds sensitive information that needs to be protected from unauthorized access and data breaches.


Stay Compliant

Ensure compliance with industry regulations like PCI DSS, HIPAA, and GDPR.


Identify Hidden Weaknesses

Discover vulnerabilities within your internal network infrastructure.

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Prevent Insider Threats

Uncover internal security risks, including those posed by employees or contractors.

Tactics, Techniques and Procedures

Cybersecurity is our priority. Our penetration testing methodologies adhere to industry best practices, such as NIST SP 800-115, OWASP, and PTES, ensuring a comprehensive evaluation of your security posture. This structured approach ensures a thorough assessment of your security, helping you stay ahead of potential threats

Tactics: Our penetration testing tactics serve as the foundation of our mission. These high-level strategies define the ‘why’ and ‘what’ of our assessments. They set the overarching goals and objectives for each engagement. For instance, one of our tactics might be ‘Privilege Escalation,’ where we aim to assess the potential for unauthorized access to elevated privileges within your network.

Techniques: We pride ourselves on our comprehensive knowledge of penetration testing techniques. These are the specific methods, tools, and procedures we employ to achieve our tactical objectives. Techniques encompass the ‘how’ of our operations. For example, within the Privilege Escalation tactic, we use a range of techniques, including vulnerability scanning, privilege escalation exploits, and user privilege assessment, to uncover and address vulnerabilities.

Procedures: Our procedures provide the detailed roadmap for executing each technique efficiently and accurately. These step-by-step sequences of actions ensure that our assessments are carried out consistently and comprehensively. Procedures guide our testers through the intricacies of each technique, encompassing everything from command-line instructions to script execution.

Identifying all devices and systems within the internal network, including servers, workstations, network appliances, and IoT devices.

Scanning open ports on identified hosts to determine which services are running and potentially vulnerable.

Identifying the specific versions and configurations of services running on open ports to pinpoint potential vulnerabilities.

Scanning for known vulnerabilities in the services and applications discovered on the external hosts.

Checking for weak, default, or compromised credentials within the network, including password policies and practices.

Assessing the ability to move laterally within the network, simulating an attacker’s progression through the internal environment.

Evaluating the potential for unauthorized escalation of privileges on systems and devices.

Evaluating the security of Active Directory (AD) configurations, group policies, and trust relationships to identify potential vulnerabilities.

Enumerating information about the organization from public sources to understand potential attack vectors.

For identified vulnerabilities, conducting advanced exploitation tests to determine the severity and potential impact of the vulnerabilities.

 Executing segmentation testing as required for PCI DSS compliance.

Evaluating susceptibility to MITM attacks, which involve intercepting and potentially altering communication between two parties.

Entire Suite of Offensive Security Services

penetration testing services

Internal Network Penetration Testing

Internal penetration testing assesses an organization's network and systems from within, simulating insider threats to identify vulnerabilities and enhance overall security.

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External Network Penetration Testing

External penetration testing concentrates on evaluating an organization's outward-facing systems and digital footprint, emulating external threats to reveal weaknesses and enhance overall security defenses.

vulnerability scanning

Wireless Network Penetration Testing

Wireless penetration testing focuses on examining an organization's wireless networks and devices, replicating potential wireless threats to uncover vulnerabilities and strengthen overall security measures.


Web Application Penetration Testing

Our comprehensive service goes beyond the surface. We delve deep into your web applications, meticulously simulating attacks, and identifying vulnerabilities. By doing so, we ensure that your web apps are fortified against threats, enhancing your overall security posture.


Social Engineering

Our Social Engineering Services are designed to uncover and fortify the human vulnerabilities in your organization's cybersecurity framework.


Physical Security Assessments

A Physical Security Assessment thoroughly examines your organization's existing physical security measures to identify potential vulnerabilities and areas for enhancement.


Physical Penetration Testing

Physical Penetration Testing services rigorously evaluate the security of your physical premises against unauthorized access or breaches.


Red Team Operations

Red Team Operations offer a multi-layered, adversarial approach to test your organization’s defenses against sophisticated cyber and physical threats.

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