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Types of Pen Tests

Adversim performs penetration testing for many different types of organizations with unique needs.


PCI 11.3 Penetration Testing

PCI DSS Requirement 11.3 requires penetration testing of application and network layers and validation that segmentation controls and methods are operational, effective, and isolate all out-of-scope systems from systems in the CDE.
Adversim consultants have performed hundreds of PCI penetration tests for a wide range of businesses—from small shops to Fortune 500 companies. Our consultants hold industry standard certifications such as OSCP, OSWP, MCSE, MCSA and MCTS.

Best Practices Penetration Testing

In addition to the required compliance testing, Adversim performs best practice penetration tests— a more comprehensive analysis for businesses that want to make sure they are utilizing the best security practices available. We will work with you to develop a penetration test that benefits your specific organization and is within your budget.

Healthcare Penetration Testing

Healthcare is very important to us. Our consultants recognize that healthcare breaches can be catastrophic and are dedicated to protecting the security of the industry. While there is currently no regulation that requires healthcare organizations to perform penetration tests or vulnerability scans, we believe they are extremely useful tools. Let us help you create a comprehensive security plan to help ensure that your patient’s data is protected.

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