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Social Engineering


What do you think is the most vulnerable part of your business? Would you be surprised to hear that it’s most likely your employees? Intel performed a study and discovered that 97% of employees couldn’t spot a well-crafted phishing email.

Every day millions of phishing emails are sent out across the world. Many of these emails come from professional attackers and are delivered to your employees in an attempt to gain access to your internal network. In addition to emails, attackers will perform pretext calls to your employees to get sensitive information. Using social engineering,  Adversim can help your business find these vulnerabilities.

Adversim will create a custom social engineering campaign that is tailor-made for your business. The attackers that we emulate are professional criminals who will make phishing emails extremely convincing and difficult to ignore—not ones who pose as the prince of a foreign country or demand gift cards to pay off IRS debt.

After we perform the engagement, you will receive a comprehensive report detailing how many people opened the email, clicked the link, and provided credentials. We also offer training for your employees to teach them how to recognize and react to a phishing email or phone call.


You may have completed your penetration test and your network may be secure—but are you as confident in your company’s physical security? What if someone walked into your location and walked out with a computer? What if they physically plugged a device into your network?

Our security experts will come on site and attempt to access your physical location via social engineering and various other methods. Our consultants have performed these types of tests on office buildings, secure government facilities, data centers —even casinos.

We have the experience and professionalism to show you where your location’s physical vulnerabilities lie and how to prevent unauthorized access.