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Network Testing

Network Penetration Testing

In today’s digital world, the importance of network security is at an all time high. Consumers need to feel their data is safe. That is why network penetration testing is necessary for any company—it is a safe way to expose any cyber security weaknesses.

When Adversim performs a network penetration test, we locate and exploit vulnerabilities on your internal and external networks, just as a real attacker would. We target servers, workstations, network devices—even printers—so you get a comprehensive view of where your vulnerabilities lie.

Adversim performs testing in a variety of scenarios. We test for vulnerabilities from the perspective of an outside attacker, an attacker with access to a network port or Wi-Fi, or even a disgruntled employee with pertinent information. We also perform the required PCI 11.3 compliance testing including segmentation testing.


Adversim utilizes the standard penetration testing approaches as defined by PTES (penetration testing execution standard.)

– Pre-engagement interactions
– Intelligence gathering
– Threat modeling
– Vulnerability analysis
– Exploitation
– Post-exploitation
– Reporting

We utilize this approach to ensure that your penetration test is conducted based on industry standards and with bleeding edge technology and software.

While the PTES is the minimum standard that any penetration tester should follow, at Adversim we are dedicated to exceeding that. We recognize that penetration testing is a very fluid service. Standards can be created today and rendered obsolete tomorrow. This is one of the reasons that vulnerability scanning is not enough to ensure that your network is secure. A living, breathing, creative human is vital in performing a sufficient penetration test. At Adversim, we are committed to going above and beyond the basics so your business can be as secure as possible.

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